Girls' Accessory Pouch | 12.5x8.5"

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Help the young girl in your life get organized with soul + style! 

Think of her accessory pouch as her personal assistant—no really! Your girl (emerging woman) will love the endless possibilities for how she can use it to organize her artful life—or maybe yours. ;)

Practical + playful ways to use your favorite accessory pouch:
  • The main storage for your journal or book + stationery must-haves—Pens, Notepad (coming soon!), and more
  • A snack bag for life's hungry moments (your pouch is fully washable inside and out, so don't worry about any of life's messes!)
  • A spot for your tech accessories (chargers, headphones, cases, extra cords)
  • A cosmetic pouch 
  • A mini-craft kit
  • A mini purse 
  • A travel/toiletry pouch
  • A gift bag stuffed with goodies
  • As a "love letter" kit—keep all your postcards, cards, envelopes, and stamps in one place so you're ready to send a thank you note or encouraging message at a moment's notice
  • A feminine hygiene pouch 
  • A pencil case
  • A COVID-friendly spot for your assortment of masks + hand sanitizers
  • A snack kit for your to-go munchies


Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. 10% of profit is donated quarterly.

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