Homeschool eBook | A Family Thriving Guide to Help You Organize - If You Homeschool and Work from Home

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In these uncertain times, there is a way for your family to move beyond the path of surviving through the growing pains to move into the path of thriving when you work from home and homeschool.

The guide is fifty-seven pages of counsel + comfort to help families get vision-oriented + organized + nurture more 'home' in their homeschooling while working from home.

I believe there's a difference between being stretched thin and being stretched to thrive. One is inspired by the asphyxiation of busyness, guilt, shame and performance—and one is inspired by the receiving of radical welcome.

This 57-page guide will help you:

  • develop new hospitable habits
  • nurture life-giving, creative rhythms
  • deepen connections over compliance
  • and set goals that help you + your child(ren) thrive right now.
  • provide new joy-filled, shalom-making strategies for your family whether in trials or triumphs.

The guide is divided into three sections: grownupsfamily + kids (including teens).

You will be delighted by the many interactive pages offering strategies, advice, meditation and creativity—use a few of the pages or use them all—you choose the ones that work best for you and your family.

The Mohawkmomma family wishes you patience on the journey home together.

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