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ATTEND TO YOUR COLORFUL, HEALING RHYTHMS WITH A MORE SOULFUL TO-DO LIST! You desire to center healing, celebration and a healthy grace-pace in your daily adventures.

The Healing To-Do Notepad is your SOULution! It comes with thirty sheets (2-sided, 60-day supply)—a one-of-a-kind "To-Do/Ta-Dah" approach that provides you a great way to have colorful delight gettin' stuff done! Enjoy a more sustainable and realistic way—a mindful way to connect sustainable living in your human being + doings.

Scribble your:

- Daily gratitude affirmations

- Your top 3 must-do things that matter most to you!

- Scripture reminders or inspirational quotes to help you focus. 

Organize + infuse your daily rhythms with shalom. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll mindfully move forward + celebrate your small actions—little by little—they add up to big progress! 

Keep our designer notepad near your desk, near your bed, or on the counter.


- To go deeper, please read more on the blog about cultivating soul care in your calendar. 

Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. 10% of profit is donated quarterly.

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