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GREAT GIFT IDEA—Four gifts in one!
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IT'S THE ULTIMATE SABBATHING RHYTHMS BUNDLE! Everything you need to help you attend to sustainable life-giving rhythms—all in one amazing (and discounted!) bundle. Deepen your emotional connections and embody a more mindful approach to soulful, healing spaces in your being + writing. GREAT GIFT IDEA—Four gifts in one!

Save $20 on this phenomenal bundle!

Discover More of the Sabbathing Rhythms Apparel Collection

Discover the Sabbathing Rhythms eCourse in the #SoulCareClassrooms


- To go deeper, please read more on the blog about cultivating soul care in your calendar. 

Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. 10% of profit is donated quarterly.

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