Sabbathing Rhythms For The Writing Soul | A Contemplative Guide

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IT'S THE ULTIMATE SOUL CARE AND SELF-CARE GUIDE FOR WRITERS! Uncover your unique Sabbathing Rhythms (the alternation between your work and rest).

Cultivate sustainable habits, set life-giving rhythms, deepen connections, and set goals that help you mindfully thrive and build your legacy with the ultimate, undated 12-month organizer for writers.

If resonant writing flows from a rich inner life, how can writers cultivate and protect such a delicate interior in our constant-content culture? What are the upstream practices able to sustain a writer’s creative core? How can we resist the noise enough to create from a soulful space?

The Sabbathing Rhythms ™ For The Writing Soul - Contemplative Guide offers a unique and meaningful daily, weekly, monthly, and annual practice of contemplative soul care. As important as your goals and aspirations are, they aren't more important than your well-being. As writing souls, we channel words, images, ideas, thoughts and feelings—in doing so, we should not forfeit channeling the soul care and self-care we need.

This contemplative guide is designed as a companion to take you on the Sabbathing Rhythms eCourse journey—a SOULbriety pilgrimage. It will help you navigate your God-given purposes with the practice of being curious, creative, resilient, intentional and present through your sacred writing and living. We will courageously cultivate the art + activism of choosing abundance in a culture of scarcity. Consider this your invitation to an audacious embodiment of your faith and freedom.


OUR HEALING PROCESS - A unique four-part guided Sabbathing Rhythms, creative process:

- Daily Rhythm - Diversions and Decisions

- Weekly Rhythm - Withdrawals and Woo

- Monthly Rhythm - Moments and Meditation

- Annual Rhythm - Attune and Abandon


- To go deeper, please read more on the blog about nurturing Sabbathing Rhythms.

- Discover the Sabbathing Rhythms eCourse in the #SoulCareClassrooms.

Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. 10% of profit is donated quarterly.

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