The Soul Care Kit for Writer's | 8-10 Gifts - Equipping and Encouraging Adult Scribblers

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YOU'RE LONGING FOR REFRESHMENT AND MUCH-NEEDED NURTURE. You want self-nurture to be a consistent rhythm that you integrate regularly!

The Soul Care Kit is the refreshment you're looking for. As writers, we must give TO ourselves as much as we give OF ourselves—self-nurture is an inner activism and an expression of self-love, which informs your outer activism—it's not selfish, it's grace! 

This Ultimate Self-Care Gift Box is carefully packed with many surprises to delight all of your senses! Your kit comes with 6-8 inspirational, lifestyle products every writer should have (at least, in our opinion). Whether you're purchasing the kit for the beloved writer in your life or you're gifting it to yourself, we are cheering you on as you engage giving to yourself and helping us affect social change.

This Ultimate Self-Care Gift Box includes:

  • SIGHT + TOUCH - A Decorative Mini Suitcase. A stylish and vintage, novelty mini suitcase to hold all of your soul care and self-care goodies as you travel into the scenery of self-nurture. And a surprise piece of jewelry.

  • SMELL + SIGHT - Candles or a candle alternative. We always include a seasonal scent to help bring a calming environment to your limbic system, which is where your emotional life is largely housed. During the summer months of Florida, we use the amazingly fragrant Sparkle Stones by Sparklefly Candles.

  • TASTE + TOUCH + SMELL - Sustainable Snacks. We gift you with antioxidant-rich Wild Ophelia Fair Trade, non- GMO cold brew chocolate bites. And for the non-chocolate lovers, Vermints organic mints have so many wonderful natural benefits.

  • TASTE + SMELL - H2rOse. The goodness of Rosewater and Saffron with four flavors: Apple, Mango, Wild Berry and Peach making water supernatural tasty and healthy. Rosewater helps to enhance your mood and improve your skin complexion while the infusion of saffron helps to ease digestion.

  • TOUCH + SIGHT - Pens. Because it wouldn't be right not to add one (or two). Writer's Mug. This mug names and affirms who you are as a writing soul. Fill it with whatever floats your boat: your favorite beverage, flowers, pens/color pencils, cereal, snacks, etc. Bookmarks. The stunning gold, jumbo, double-tassel bookmark is just the right size for your planner or your book.

  • TASTE + SMELL - Herbal Tea. We provide you with organic herbal blend and loose leaf tea, rooted in the folk healing practices of a variety of cultures. We partner with Black-owned Herbalists who bring the ancient respect and knowledge of tea & herbs.

  • TOUCH + SOUND - A Writer's Accessory Pouch (stuffed with stationery surprises). This 12.5 x 8.5, double-sided print, zip closure pouch is large enough for a medium-sized book or journal. You can use it for toiletries or travel—use it to your heart's content. It comes accompanied with a fabric pen for you to write your name on the "belong to" area.

  • SOUND - A Mohawkmomma Studio curated writer's self-care playlist link. Sounds of healing and empowerment automatically sent to your inbox to remind you to embody your sacred + soulful life (don't forget to dance—daily). 


- Your purchase helps our partners, Finding The Lost Sheep Street Ministry for their work in Orlando, FL. 10% of profit is donated quarterly.

- Subscribe and join our SOULjourner Soul Care Collective to stay up to date on exclusive giveaways, promotions, new releases, and our self-nurturing tips! 

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